Victory Human Services (VHS) is a private, non-profit agency servicing the Greater Boston area.

We provide comprehensive supports for individuals and families with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Our core clinical and administrative team has over 70 years of proven experience empowering people to make choices that enrich their lives. Victory Human Services (VHS) was founded in 2000 in an effort to increase culturally competent care in the human service system in Massachusetts.

Our founders felt the need for people with disabilities who are members of ethnic, cultural and linguistic minorities to have access to quality support services that were reflective of their cultural heritage and experience.

VHS planning and delivery of services incorporates and enhances: education and understanding of cultural beliefs about what it means to be disabled; unique communication styles; language differences; family participation.

VHS also seeks out culturally competent staff and caregivers as well as accepting volunteers from all walks of life.

The organization’s primary goal is to ensure the health and safety of clients, while maximizing their potential for self-determination, personal fulfillment and community participation. Staff and caregivers strive to model best practices in culturally and linguistically competent service planning and delivery.

VHS meets these challenges by approaching people with disabilities and their families in the context of their own cultures and by acknowledging their distinct ways of communicating, understanding and being in the world.

Management brings together individuals who share common languages and cultural identities through a service system that embodies and celebrates diversity.