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Our Mission

Victory Human Services provides quality in-home support for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

           At VHS, we believe that “People are greater than their Disabilities.” Our belief has been our promise and tag line to help us develop our mission to assist individuals and their families in overcoming the challenges of developmental disabilities, mental illness, and medical conditions.

          We accomplish our mission through partnership with individuals and families, community organizations, and a highly skilled team of diverse and culturally competent staff. Offering compassionate and effective services has been the hallmark of Victory Human Services.

Our Vision:

          Victory Human Services vision is that of supporting people within their communities, in natural settings such as home, social environment, and shared activities. We believe that we have a deep obligation to serve as a change agent, sharing our experience with others both individually and within the public policy and service delivery processes.


          We believe that it is important to recognize and value individual differences and diversity as a means of validating our own uniqueness and affirming the great diversity of the human service community. Our services and supports value, are responsive to and reflect the great diversity of the communities, individuals, and families we serve. We strive to assure that all levels of our organization reflect this diversity.

          We accomplish this vision by equipping individuals and their families in overcoming their challenges of developmental disabilities and mental illness through offered services, a continuum of care, management of care and personal assistant.

Our Values:

  • All services should support and enhance the individual client’s personal dignity and self-          respect.  

  • Every person has the characteristic capacity to improve or grow given appropriate opportunities, skills, and resources.


  • The client is the center around whom an individualized rehabilitation plan is developed, and success of that plan is dependent on the client’s interest and participation.

  • The client (or guardian/advocate the applicable) should be the primary decision-maker in his/her treatment plan.

  • Clients must have choices and options in their lives.

  • Clients deserve equal access to medical, housing, educational, recreational, and other community services.

  • The opportunity for real integration within the community is a necessary component of the rehabilitation process.

  • Clients have the ability to help each other.

  • Family members of the client can be valuable resources and with the consent of the client, they should be invited to participate as partners in the rehabilitation process.

  • Family members of the clients deserve support for their active roles in assisting their family members.

  • Quality caring and sensitivity are essential ingredients of our service system.


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